Lost my virginity to my maid!

I lost my virginity to a maid 5 years ago, when I was 22 years old. Well, I was horny and she was hot, so I don’t regret it.

Kavya had been working for our family for a long time. She was married and had two children. She was in her late 30s but she looked like she was in her late 20s. She was pretty. She was slim and tall. She looked physically fit because of the hard work she did, mopping the floor, washing dishes and clothes.

One day, I was about to go to the bathroom for a shower. I removed my clothes and wrapped a towel around my lower body. The bedroom door opened and Kavya stood there with a broom. She saw me and froze for a moment before turning around to go back.

“Kavya!” I called her.

She turned to look at me.

I said, “I am going to the bathroom. You can clean the room if you want.”

“Okay Sir,” she said and walked into the room slowly.

I went to the attached bathroom and closed the door. While I was having a shower, I remembered Kavya’s expression when she saw me. She had looked like she was attracted to me by seeing my bare upper body. I had a fit upper body because I did push-ups and pull-ups every day. I wanted to confirm that she was really attracted to me. I had never thought of having sex with her, but that day as I was having shower, I suddenly realized I had an opportunity. I imagined fucking her and my cock hardened. I stood under the shower and spread soap on my cock. I stroked my cock, thinking of her pretty face, big boobs and big ass. That day I shot my cum inside her vagina, in my imagination.

The next day I was watching TV in the living room. My mom was sitting opposite me. Kavya was sweeping the floor. She was wearing a Churidar. When she leaned forward before me to sweep the floor, I saw her cleavage. To my surprise, she was not wearing a bra.

I was turned on. She looked at me and smiled. I looked at my mom. She was busy watching TV. I spread my legs and let Kavya have a good look at the bulge on my shorts. She smiled shyly at me and moved away as she swept. I knew she still had to clean my room so I stood up and went to my bedroom.

In my room, I put the TV on and lay down on the bed. I watched TV and waited for her. The door opened after about 10 minutes. She walked in with a broom. She looked at me and smiled, shyly. I gave her a half-smile and watched her as she swept the room. I checked out her body properly for the first time and got a hard-on.

That day I wanted to find out if she was interested in me or if she was just teasing me. She was sweeping the end of the room with her back to me. So, I stood up and quickly removed my clothes. I waited for her to look at me. Within a few seconds she turned and looked at me. The expression on her face became serious and she stood nervously.

“I am going to the bathroom,” I said and walked towards her.

She looked at me curiously, wondering why I was walking towards her instead of going to the bathroom.

I went closer to her and stood before her. I pulled my shorts down and asked, “Do you like it?”.

She looked down at my cock and looked up at me with fear on her face.

“Touch it,” I said.

“Ma’am will kill me!” She said looking at me like a frightened cat.

“I won’t tell her,” I said.

“I am scared,” she said.

I stretched my hand and caught her right wrist. I pulled her hand to my cock. She resisted but I pulled her harder. I kept her palm on my cock and said, “Do you want it?”

“Kavya! Kavya! Where are you?!” My mom’s voice was loud and clear.

“I have to go Sir,” Kavya said trying to free her hand from my grip.

I let go of her hand. She quickly left the room.

That evening I went out with my friends to a party and got drunk.

The next morning, I woke up late. I finished my morning routine and went downstairs, looking for my mom. I couldn’t find her in the places where I usually found her. I saw Kavya sweeping in the dining room and asked, “Kavya, did you see my mom in the morning?”

She said, “Yes Sir. Madam told me to tell you, she and your dad are going to your aunt’s house because of an emergency. They will be back only in the evening.”

“Okay. What time did they leave?” I asked, feeling excited.

“Just before 15 minutes,” she said.

I nodded, checking her out. She was wearing a good Saree that day and looked as if she had got dressed for me.

“Do you want coffee Sir?” She asked.

“Yes. Bring it to the living room,” I said and went to the living room.

After she went to the kitchen, I gathered some courage and went to the kitchen. She was facing away from me. I stood near the door and admired her for a moment. She had a narrow waist and round, plump buttocks. She had a perfect hour glass figure.

I went quietly into the kitchen and put my hands around her bare waist.

She was shocked, but she realized it was me and calmed down. She kept her hands on my hands and shyly asked, “What are you doing Sir?”

“I don’t know Kavya,” I said, moving my hands up. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. I pressed my crotch on her plump buttocks, letting her feel my hard cock.

She tried to turn so I loosened my grip. She turned and looked at me. I kissed her lips. She resisted at first but gave up within seconds and started responding. Feeling exited that she was responding, I kissed her passionately and moved my hands all over her body, rubbing and squeezing her soft flesh.

After nearly three minutes of kissing, I pulled back and said, “I want you to suck my cock?”

“Okay Sir,” she said without any hesitation.

“Good. Kneel down,” I said and pulled my shorts down.

She lifted her Saree above her knee and knelt down. She grabbed the shaft of my cock and took the swollen head in her mouth. She licked my precum from the tip of my cock before taking my cock fully inside her mouth. She sucked passionately, proving to me that she had wanted me for a long time. I felt like I was holding a chocolate bar for her to suck. I stroked her hair, as she sucked me. My desire to fuck her cunt and asshole became strong but I didn’t disturb her.

A few minutes later I said, “Come, let’s go to my bedroom.”

She looked up at me, still sucking my cock. I pursed my lips forward and gave her an air-kiss. She shyly looked down and sucked harder a few more times before pulling my cock out of her mouth. She stood up and smiled shyly at me. I put my left arm around her bare waist and walked with her to my bedroom.

I told her to remove her panties, blouse, bra and lie down on the bed.  She did as she was told. I got on top of the bed and knelt down between her legs. I spread her legs apart. I was surprised to see she was cleanly shaved. Her pussy, thighs and butt looked so tempting I buried my face in between her thighs. I opened my mouth and covered her pussy with my mouth. I inserted my tongue into her vagina and tasted her wet pussy. I liked the aromatic, flavour of her cunt. I inserted my middle finger inside her asshole and finger fucked her asshole as I ate her pussy. She grabbed my head and pulled me closer to her cunt. I French kissed her cunt passionately for about two minutes.

I pulled away from her cunt. I positioned myself on top of her, supporting my upper body with my hands and knees. I looked into her eyes and aimed my cock at the slit of her pussy. I felt the wet, softness of her cuntal lips and pushed. I felt the soft, smooth, elastic, cuntal channel open up and welcome my cock. I filled her cunt with my cock till the brim. She let out pleasurable moans.

I lay on her cushioning breasts and kissed her lips as I fucked her. I fucked hard and fast. I fucked her for about 15 minutes and made her climax. I shot cum inside her pussy.

After we finished, we relaxed on the bed for some time. Then, we went to the bathroom and had a shower together. In the shower, I fucked her cunt and asshole, and came inside her mouth. She was happy to swallow my cum.

After the shower she quickly got ready, cleaned the house and left.

That’s how I lost my virginity to my maid. But after that day, I fucked her whenever she was free to get fucked and enjoyed life.

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