My first lesbian lover

Hi girls, I am Sanjana. I am 27-year-old from a conservative family but I am a bisexual woman and nobody in my family knew about it. I was only 18 years old when I found out that I was bisexual. At that time, I didn’t know much about sex until one of my friends sent me links to erotic story websites. I learnt a lot of theory from these websites. So, curious to learn more I visited porn websites and saw videos which were very interesting. I became more aware and I realized that I am a bisexual. But I didn’t get my practical lessons until I became 19 years old.

My holidays were on at that time. I was at home full day because my mom didn’t like me going out with my girlfriends who all had boy friends. She didn’t want me to get my own boyfriend.

I was bored full day in the house. So I used to go to my neighbors house and pass time with their baby. The baby’s mother is Payal. Everybody in the area knew she looked beautiful. Men flirted with her and women were jealous of her. I was also jealous of her beauty but I was also attracted to her.

Payal was tall, maybe 5′ 5″ or 5′ 6″. She had wavy black waist length hair. Her face was pretty and she had a good figure. Her hubby worked in Dubai. She lived with her mother-in-law and baby.

One day, as usual, I went to her house to play with the baby but he was sleeping. So I just decided to talk with Payal, hoping to get some secret beauty tips. She told me there was no secret and she had just inherited good looks from her mother.

We chatted for a while. During our conversation, I couldn’t control myself from complimenting her. I told her she looked very beautiful, and she returned the compliment, saying I also looked very beautiful. She told me my mom had told her that I had won the classical dance competition in my college and asked me to show the pictures of me dancing. I opened the pictures on my mobile and gave my mobile to her.

She took my mobile and saw my pictures and videos. She said, “You look very beautiful in the dance outfit; like an apsara. And you also dance like an apsara.”

“Thanks for the compliment but I am not as beautiful as you,” I told her, because even though I was tall and fair like her, I didn’t have a very curvy body like her.

“You are more beautiful than me,” She said and gave me a pleasant smile.

I was about to reply and tell her to stop joking but just then her mother-in-law called her and asked her to give her a glass of water.

I told Payal I will give water to her mother-in-law and left the bedroom. I went to the kitchen and took a glass of water. I gave the glass to Payal’s mother-in-law and told her Payal was taking care of baby. Payal’s mother-in-law thanked me and I went back to Payal’s bedroom. She was sitting on the bed and looking at my mobile. I went closer to her and saw her looking at my erotic lesbian story collection. I was shocked.

She looked at me. She smiled and said, “It’s ok. Don’t be afraid. It’s normal nowadays. Come, sit next to me.”

I sat next to her nervously and watched her. She was casually reading a story on my mobile titled, “Two beautiful babes make love.”

As she read on, I noticed her eyes became wide and her breathing became heavy.

Suddenly, she closed the reading app and gave my mobile to me, avoiding eye contact. There was an uncomfortable silence between us for a few seconds, before she asked, “When did you start reading these stories?”

I said, “Before one year. My friend sent me links to to the websites.”

“Which categories do you like?” she asked.

Feeling little embarrassed, I said, “Mostly, lesbian and bisexual.”

“That’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed,” she said and asked, “Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?”

“No. I don’t have any boyfriend or girlfriend,” I said.

“Are you a virgin?” She asked and smiled.

I nodded.

“Do you touch yourself?” she asked and gave me a naughty smile.

Speechless for a moment, I shook my head.

She kept her hand on my thighs and I got goosebumps all over.

She smiled and asked, “Sanjana, do you shave down there?”

I got really embarrassed. I slowly said, “I haven’t shaved them since they started growing.

She started laughing, making me more embarrassed.

“I will teach you,” she said

I nodded feeling little scared but I was very excited.

“Remove your t-shirt,” she said.

I hesitated and looked at her feeling little nervous.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t eat you,” she said.

I slowly removed my t-shirt.

“Nice bra but you don’t need it now. You can remove it,” she said.

I looked at her and hesitated.

She smiled and said, “Ok I’ll remove my bra first.”

She removed her Saree-blouse and bra. I was stunned looking at her breasts. They were beautiful, round and full. Her nipples were pinkish brown and they looked swollen. I had seen little bit of her breasts when she was feeding her baby. So when I saw her full, uncovered big breasts for the first time, I got an impression that her breasts were full of creamy milk.

She gave me a knowing smile as if she knew how much I was attracted to her breasts. Then she said, “Remove your bra.”

I removed my bra feeling little ashamed because my breasts were smaller than her breasts.

She saw my breasts and said, “You have perfect size breasts for your age.”

She pulled me closer and made me sit properly. She licked her finger and rubbed her saliva around my nipples. Then she slowly blew air from her mouth on my nipple. Her breath felt warm on my nipple and I shivered feeling good. She cupped both my breasts with her palms and gently squeezed them. Her long fingers felt very good on my breasts. Slowly she increased pressure and pressed harder. I moaned and closed my eyes. Then I felt her lips on my lips. Her breath felt fresh and warm. Her tongue swirled inside my mouth and she licked the insides of my mouth. I didn’t know how to respond. I just felt very loved. Slowly I tried licking her tongue and sucking her lips. She let me do it, so I took over and kissed her. That was the first time I kissed a woman. It was a very memorable kiss because she was very beautiful and 10 years older than me. I sucked her breath and saliva from her mouth. She squeezed my breasts and moaned. My nipples were never that hard ever before and it pained, but in a good way.

I kept my hand on her belly. Her belly was covered by the thin fabric of her Saree. I could feel her navel on my palm. I moved my hand up eager to feel her skin. I felt her swollen breasts and hard nipple. I was more excited. I pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts. She moaned and lied down on her back. I lied down next to her and moved on top of her to reach her breasts. I opened my mouth and took one of her nipples in my mouth. Then, I sucked eagerly hoping to taste her milk. After sometime, I was rewarded with yummy milk. She tasted sweet like she looked. I sucked her nipples like her baby and drank her milk. She stroked my hair, caressed my cheeks, shoulders, arms and back. She squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples as she breastfed me. I continued sucking her nipples while playing with her breasts.

“Where did you learn to make love to a woman?” She asked.

I stopped sucking her nipples and said, “I learnt online.”

She laughed softly and asked, “I am wet down. Do you know what to do when a woman is wet down?”

I looked at her with confusion and excitement. Then I guessed and said, “I should kiss her, finger her and make her orgasm.”

She smiled and said, “You are right. But there are so many ways to make a woman orgasm. We can explore deeper in the future. But for now let’s just stick to kissing and fingering, ok?”

“Ok,” I said, thinking she must have lot of experience.

“Good. You lie down on your back. I’ll try to make you cum, ok?” She asked.

“Ok,” I said, unable to believe she wanted to make me cum. I had only seen it in porn videos. I wanted to pinch myself to find out if I was dreaming.

“Ok, remove your underwear and lie down,” she said and got up, giving me place to lie down on the mattress.

I was wearing a A-line midi skirt, so it was easy to lift it up and pull my underwear down.

I lied down in the center of the bed and kept my head on the pillow. She lifted her petticoat and saree, and removed her underwear. Holding her Saree and skirt up, she turned around and knelt, keeping her knees next to both sides of my thighs.

Being self-taught but inexperienced, I was wondering what she was trying to do. Then when she lowered her buttocks on my face, I realized we were in 69 position. Then I understood what I had to do—eat her.

Her buttocks looked very beautiful—well shaped, curvy, plump and beautiful. Her pubic hair was shaved. I could see her wet vagina between her thighs and her anus between the cheeks of her buttocks. She was so beautiful.

I lifted my head little bit and rubbed my face on her buttocks. Her buttock was soft and comforting like cushions.

I felt her kiss my inner thighs and vagina. I was embarrassed because I had not shaved my pubic hair. But, it felt so good, so I just gave importance to the pleasure. I put my tongue inside her vagina and tasted her. She tasted somewhat like chicken corn soup and I loved every drop of her soup.

Then I felt one of her fingers enter my vagina. She rubbed the insides of my vagina. Then she put one more finger inside my vagina. I felt too good  and I wanted to give her the same pleasure. I put two fingers inside her vagina. Then when I felt her fingers rub vigorously on my clit, I did the same to her but I also put one finger inside her anus. I rubbed her clit and gave her a good vaginal and anal penetrating massage.

We fingered each other and our vaginas became wetter and wetter. I was experiencing the best moment of my life. Waves of pleasure splashed through out my body. Ohh! that feeling, I can’t describe in words. It almost made me unconscious and finally, I orgasmed. My mouth was open and her vaginal soup was drooling out. But when I saw more soup oozing out from her vagina, I began licking and sucking her vagina. She was so delicious, I still remember her unique taste till this day.

Then Payal turned around and knelt on the mattress. She was facing me. She smiled affectionately and bent down. She licked her vaginal soup from my face first, then she kissed my lips. Our vaginal soup blended and tasted exotic.

Finally, she pulled back and said, “Thank you, beautiful, bisexual babe!”

“Thank you, beautiful, bisexual Bhabhi,” I said and grinned.

She laughed softly and said, “If I’d been your real Bhabhi, we could have had so much fun.”

“We can still have lot of fun!” I said.

But she said, “I am going to Dubai after two months.”

Hearing that my heart shattered to pieces. I had just found the love of my life and she had to leave me.

Before she went to Dubai, we made love as much as we could. She showed me many ways to satisfy myself with my fingers, vegetables and other objects. Even after she went abroad she called me frequently for two months before she told me, she won’t be able to continue our relationship because of her busy schedule. But during the same call she gave me her cousins mobile number and asked me to call her cousin if I needed s sex partner.

So after a few months I called Payal’s cousin. I was pleasantly surprised to find out her cousin was a beautiful transwoman. Her name is Aishwarya. She was not as beautiful as Payal but she admired me and I admired her beauty. We had good relationship for five years. During that time a lot of things changed — I finished college and got a job, my parents found out I am a bisexual and moved out of the house. I and Aishwarya rented a house and began living like partners. Our relationship worked well, so we got married after one year.

I have a wonderful life with Aishwarya and our two beautiful children. My children are blessed to grow up with two mom’s. Payal visited us many times. Whenever she visited us, we had group sex share the love.

Thanks for reading girls…and guys 😉



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