The first time with my auntie

I have a wonderful relationship with one my aunties. She is my mom’s last sister. She is in her mid 40s but she looks like she is in her 30s. She has a pretty face and a full-figured body—little heavy with large breasts and hips.

One day I got a call from my aunty. I answered the call. She said, “Hello Vijay! Can you come home today? Your uncle is going to Singapore and he will back only after two weeks.”

I was very excited. I said, “Okay auntie, I will come.”

I love my auntie because she looks like my mother who had passed away before seven years.

Around 8:30pm, I reached my aunties home. I rang the door bell. Auntie opened the door and said, “Hi Roshan! How are you? Come inside.”

I entered the house. “I am fine, Auntie,” I said and asked, “How are you?”

Auntie closed the door and said, “I am fine. Your uncle left to the Airport just before one hour. I feel like the weight from my shoulders have been lifted. He always keeps me busy with his demands.”

I laughed. She laughed with me and opened her arms. I went to into her arms and she gave me a warm motherly hug. Her big, soft breasts pressed on my chest and she smelled of flowers and incense sticks because she frequently replaced the incense sticks in the pooja room.

Even though it was a short hug, I was aroused. My penis became semi-hard. Auntie freed me from her arms and I followed her into the house, admiring her back. Her slender shoulders, hands and waist looked beautiful. Her plump, wide buttocks looked very sexy covered in a plain yellow Saree. As she walked, her butt-cheeks bounced up and down and swayed left and right, one after the other. My penis had enlarged to its maximum size. That’s the kind of effect Auntie had on me.

“Nisha! Mohan! Look who has come!” Aunty called my cousins.

“Who is it?” Nisha asked and came to the living room. She saw me and said, “Roshan! Why didn’t you come home for one month?”

Before I could answer, Mohan came out and said, “Roshan! Let’s play video games!”

My cousins were excited to see me. I wanted to play video games but aunty said, “It’s late for video games!”

“But mom!” Mohan said, disappointed.

Auntie didn’t respond. She just walked away.

Nisha was five years younger than me and Mohan was two years younger than her. They look up to me as an elder brother. We like each others company. So, I sat with them and we talked about new movies, songs, cricket and other things they were excited about. After fifteen minutes Auntie came to the living room and told them to go to bed. They fussed to go to bed. They wanted me to go with them to their bedroom and sleep there as usual. But Auntie asked me if I had dinner. I told her I had not had dinner. So she told them to go to their room and I will join them after I have dinner.

Nisha and Mohan went to their bedroom. Auntie served me food in the Livingroom and went to her room. I watched a comedy movie on Netflix and had dinner. After a minute, I was bored with the movie. I stopped the movie and checked the recommended list of movies. One of recommended movies was, ‘Dark Desire.’ It was a adult movie but I thought Auntie won’t come out of her room and played the movie. The movie was interesting. So I watched the movie and ate dinner. But suddenly after five minutes, Auntie walked into the living room wiping her face with a towel. I quickly looked for the remote to stop the movie but I couldn’t find it. Auntie came and sat on the sofa. She watched the TV with interest. I pretended like I was just watching a normal movie and tried to divert her attention from the TV show. I asked, “Did you have bath Auntie?”

Auntie continued watching TV and said  “No. I just washed and changed my clothes. The Saree felt so warm. This nightie feels very free.”

I looked for the remote to change the show on TV before something inappropriate showed up. I found it between my thighs and took it to change the show. But Auntie said, “Don’t change it. It is interesting.”

I hoped the sex scenes don’t show up and watched nervously trying to quickly finish the food. But the conversation scene ended and in the next scene, the young guy starts to kiss the elder woman’s lips.

I quickly took the remote and asked, “Shall I forward?”

Auntie said, “No Roshan. We can’t understand the story if you forward.”

I was a bit embarrassed but I had finished eating, so I just stood up and went to the kitchen. I washed my plate and went to the living room. Auntie was still watching the show. As I walked to the sofa, I realized she looked very beautiful in the nightie. She was wearing a sleeveless, long, light pink night gown that blended well with her fair skin. She had a Mangalsutra around her neck and a red Bindhi on her forehead. She looked hot.

I went to the sofa and sat down. I looked at the TV and I was surprised to see a different sex scene in which the young guy is having sex with the elder woman. I quickly turned to to see Auntie’s reaction. She was watching TV with lot of interest and a light smile on her face. Her boobs looked swollen and her nipples poked through the pink cotton night gown.

“Aunty,” I called her.

“hmmm?” she asked, still looking at the TV.

I hesitated and asked, “Auntie, can I sleep next to you tonight?”

That question caught her attention. She looked at me and asked, “Why?”

“Nisha and Mohan will be disturbed if I sleep in their room,” I said.

“I’ll sleep in their room. You can sleep in my room,” Auntie said.

“I don’t want to sleep alone, Auntie. I want to sleep next to you,” I said.

“You are a young man now, Roshan. How can you sleep with me?” Auntie asked.

“But you are still like my mother, Auntie. Please Auntie, only tonight,” I requested her.

“Okay, okay. Go brush and come. I’ll be in the bedroom,” Auntie said and continued watching TV.

“Okay Auntie,” I said and went to the bathroom.

As I brushed and washed my face, I felt bad that Auntie didn’t want me to sleep next to her because from childhood I used to sleep with her every time I visited her. I didn’t want to loose that pleasure. So I thought about doing something to continue sleeping with her.

I went to the bedroom. Auntie was sitting on the bed looking beautiful in the cotton night gown. Her breasts were still swollen and her nipple still poked through the nightie. I understood she was still horny after watching sex scenes on TV.

She saw me and said, “Go to sleep early, Roshan. You have to go to college tomorrow.”

“Okay Auntie,” I said, and went to the left side of the bed. I lied down on the bed and put the bedsheet on me.

Auntie turned the lights off and turned on the bed lamp. She said, “Good night, Roshan.” Then she lied down on the right side of the bed.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but the image of Auntie’s breasts and nipples poking through her nightie kept coming in my mind. I remembered playing with her boobs when I was a child. I imagined sucking her nipples and fell asleep.

I woke up suddenly and realized I was sleeping next to Auntie. I turned to look at her. She was sleeping on her right side, with her back to me. Her right hip rested on the mattress and her left hip bulged, and it sloped down to her slender waist. Her plump buttocks stuck out seductively as if it needed a good massage. I turned and lied down on my right side, facing her back. I slowly put my left arm forward and kept my left hand on her buttocks. She didn’t react. So, I gently squeezed. I could feel the softness of her buttocks-flesh under her nightie and panty. I moved my hand on her butt-cheeks, loving the softness and the shape of her buttocks. I gently pushed her nightie and panty inside her butt-crack and felt the warmth and softness of her butt-crack. I squeezed her butt-cheeks. She moaned and started to turn. I pulled back my hand. She turned and lied down on her left side, facing me. Her eyes were closed and a few seconds later she snored softly.

I lay still admiring her pretty face. After about 10 minutes, I kept my hand on her beautiful bulging curvy hip and slowly pulled her nightie up. She didn’t wake up, so I pulled it partially up to her thighs. I kept my hand between her inner thighs and gently rubbed the soft flesh. Aunty moaned. I got scared and quickly pulled my hand back. She mumbled in her sleep, “What… are…. you… doing?”

I was quite for a moment. Then I whispered, “I want to hold you and sleep, Auntie.”

“Hmmm….” Auntie said.

I didn’t understand if she said ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. But when I was small I used to hold her and fall asleep. I remembered the old days and moved closer to Auntie. I put my arm around Auntie’s waist. Her face was very close to my face and our lips were just an inch apart. I could feel her warm breath on my face. I moved closer and kissed her lips. Her lips was soft. I sucked her lower lips gently. She didn’t wake up so I gently bit her lips. “Ahh…don’t bite me,” Auntie said.

I moved back my head and took my arms away from her waist, feeling guilty and scared. I looked at her.

Her eyes were open. She asked, “Not sleepy?”

“No aunty. I just wanted to give you a goodnight kiss,” I said.

She looked into my eyes. She smiled affectionately and asked, “And?”

I was confused for a moment. Then I took a chance and said, “And…I want to make love to you.”

“I am like your mother, Roshan,” she said.

“That’s why I love you, Auntie,” I said.

She smiled and said, “Just hold me and try to sleep. You’ll fall asleep. You don’t have to make love to me. Ok?”

“Okay Auntie,” I said and moved closer to her. I put my left arm on her waist again and moved my head closer. Our faces were very close. Our lips were just an inch apart again. She smiled. I kissed her lips. She didn’t stop me. So I pulled her closer to me. I opened my mouth and took her lower lip between my two lips. I lightly swept the tip of my tongue on her lower lips. She responded by licking my upper lip, which felt comforting and  encouraging. I slowly slid my tongue inside her mouth and licked her tongue. She licked my tongue and we slowly began French kissing. Our kiss became more passionate and I moved my left hand on her buttocks and pulled her closer to me. I pressed my hard penis on her crotch seeking comfort. Her hand slowly slid between us and she caught my hard penis through my cloths. I stopped kissing and moaned feeling the comforting grip of her fingers on my cock. “Oh Auntie…I want to marry you,” I moaned with pleasure.

“You don’t have to marry me to make love. Just remove your clothes and hurry up. It is late,” Auntie said.

“Ok, Auntie,” I said and sat down on the bed.

As I removed my clothes, Auntie also sat up on the bed and removed her clothes.

When I turned and looked at Auntie, I was stunned by her swollen large boobs and nipples. Her nipples were dark brown and pointing as if they needed to be sucked. Her buttocks was big and bouncy. Her pussy looked like a flower about to blossom and it had short trimmed pubic hair. She had a perfect MILF body. I was mesmerized by her beauty. She smiled at me and lied down on the bed. I lied down next to her and put my left arm on her belly. I moved closer and kissed her lips. I moved my hand up and cupped one of her breasts. I squeezed her breasts and kissed her for a few seconds before breaking the kiss and moving down to her breasts. I took one of her nipples and her areola in my mouth, and sucked. Auntie stroked my hair and lay still letting me suck her nipples. I sucked the nipples of both her breasts one after the other.

Then I slowly moved one of my hands down and inserted a middle finger inside Auntie’s pussy. She moaned and said, “You made me so wet, Roshan.”

“Do you like it, Auntie?” i asked.

“Hmmm….yes” Auntie moaned and smiled.

“Do you want my cock inside your pussy, Auntie?” I asked.

Auntie laughed and said, “Don’t keep asking questions. It’s late. Hurry up Roshan.”

“Ok Auntie,” I said feeling happy that she wanted me to finish it.

I sat up on the bed. She bent her legs and spread her legs apart. I lay above her, between her legs and pointed the tip of my cock at her pussy. I lowered myself and felt her pussy on the tip of my cock. I pushed hastily but my cock just slipped away from her pussy. Auntie put one of her hands down between us and caught the shaft of my cock. She kept the tip of my cock in the slit of her pussy and said, “Push…slowly…”

I pushed slowly and my cock glided inside her pussy hole, stretching the elastic like hole which was slippery with her pussy juice. I pushed deep inside her pussy and lied down on top of her, loving the comforting grip of her pussy hole on my cock. “Oh! It’s so good inside you Auntie,” I said.

Auntie laughed and said, “Good. Pull it out little and push again. Keep doing it till you ejaculate.”

I had watched enough porn movies to know what I had to do next, but I didn’t mind getting instructions from Auntie. I just said, “Ok, Auntie.” Then I began fucking her, moving my cock in and out of her pussy fast.

I grabbed Aunties massive melons for grip and fucked auntie desperately, loving the amazing feeling of fucking her pussy repeatedly. She moaned with pleasure which encouraged me to fuck her harder and harder. And after 10 minutes of hardcore fucking, I shot cum inside Auntie’s orgasming pussy.

After both of us orgasmed, we hugged each other and fell asleep.

I woke up at 4pm and saw Auntie sleeping next to me. She was lying close to me but she was facing away from me with her back to me. Her beautiful bare back looked sexy. I touched her buttocks and squeezed boldly not worrying about waking her up. I lifted her butt cheeks, that was on top and lifted till I could see her anus. I touched her anus with my middle finger and gently rubbed on the tiny ring. I pressed at the hole and it opened letting my finger enter inside.

“Hmmm…Roshan. What are you doing?” Auntie mumbled in her sleep.

“I want to have anal sex Auntie,” I said.

Auntie turned only her head and looked over her shoulder. She asked, “Have you gone mad?” Then she said, “It’s early morning, Roshan. Go to sleep”

“Please aunty. Your buttocks looks so beautiful,” I said. I moved closer to her and pressed my hard cock on her buttocks.

“Roshan. You have go to the college. You can do it next time,” Auntie said.

“But Auntie, I’ll keep thinking about you in college if I don’t do it now,” I said.

“Ok. Just finish it fast!” Auntie said with little frustration. She sat up and opened the drawer of the bedside table. She took a small bottle of Vaseline. She kept it on the bed and said, “Use lot of Vaseline. You’ll hurt me if you don’t use it.”

“Ok Auntie,” I said.

Auntie knelt down on the bed on all fours in doggy position, and kept her head on the mattress. I scooped Vaseline and inserted it into her tight asshole. I pushed my index finger and middle finger deep inside her asshole and spread the gel on the inner walls of her smooth asshole. Then I grabbed the large, soft ass cheeks and spread them apart. I pressed the tip of my cock on her asshole and pushed. My cockhead slid inside the tight hole causing Auntie to jerky forward. I grabbed her slim waist and pulled her closer to me. I thrust my cock quickly deep into her asshole. Surprisingly, her asshole was a perfect slot for my dick like her vagina. And at that moment, I realized her asshole was not just a shit-exit-hole but it was also a dick-entry-hole. Enlightened with more knowledge, I pushed and pulled my cock in and out of Auntie’s tight asshole. She moaned with pleasure and pain as I fucked her with sheer pleasure. I fucked her for almost 30 minutes and ejaculated inside Auntie’s asshole.

After I finished ejaculating, we collapsed on the bed laughing with satisfaction. But a few minutes later Auntie said, “You upset my stomach. I have to go to the toilet.”

After Auntie went to the toilet, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up next day morning, feeling very happy. Auntie was not on the bed next to me. I went to the kitchen and saw her there. She looked fresh. She had taken bath and worn a orange cotton saree. She looked at me and said, “Good morning!”

“Good morning, Auntie!” I said.

“You didn’t sleep well. Are you tired?” She asked.

“Little tired,” I said.

“Next time, finish your activities early,” she said.

“Ok Auntie,” I said.

“Go an brush. Breakfast is ready,” she said.

After I brushed, I had breakfast with my cousins. After breakfast I got ready and left the house with them. They went to their school and I went to college.

In the evening, I returned to Auntie’s house and had sex with her before dinner.

That’s how I had sex with Auntie for the first time. After that experience, we fucked whenever we could and kept our relationship a secret.

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